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How tongkat ali can help with arthritis

Tongkat ali is an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Most of the popularity of this supplement revolves around its use as an aphrodisiac, but it has many more uses. Traditionally, the Malaysian herb was used for everything from fatigue to malaria. It may seem odd to use an aphrodisiac for something like arthritis. In fact, the two conditions don’t have much in common, and it may seem counterintuitive that tongkat ali could help with any of the problems that arthritis presents. The great thing about this supplement, though, is that it has systemic effects that are only now being uncovered as tongkat ali is studied more closely. Although it does not seem to help with swelling, inflammation, or pain, it does help to improve the strength and integrity of supportive tissue, such as muscle, bone, and cartilage. While you will need to use other medications to control inflammation, tongkat ali can be a great adjunct to helping your body regain the strength it may have lost and allow you to fully participate in physical therapy.   Arthritis Basics Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability, and it is actually an umbrella term for several different conditions. Mostly, arthritis affects the joints and leads to their destruction. Although it tends to manifest most painfully in the large joints of the knees and hips, it can occur in the joints of the hands, feet, and spine, as well. Different factors determine how the joint capsule and the adjacent bones breakdown, and two types are particularly well known: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, there are several others, such as gout and psoriatic arthritis that breakdown the joints due to other causes. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, and it occurs due to the normal wear and tear of aging on the joint. As the person ages, the joint becomes less able to handle the strain of the body, and this causes cartilage to breakdown, inflammation to occur, and pain to center around the joint. Even younger patients can get this type of arthritis if they are active. Rheumatoid arthritis is the breakdown of the joint due to the immune system. In this type, the body attacks the joint structures, causing pain, inflammation, and deterioration. Both types are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and sometimes joint replacement.   Traditional Uses of Tongkat Ali Tongkat ali is traditionally used for male sexual performance, but that is not its only traditional role. In fact, it can help increase energy, reduce fatigue, and help build muscle mass. The natural influx of testosterone from the herbal supplement is beneficial for both men and women. It helps to protect bones against the ravages of osteoporosis, and the increase in muscle mass is helpful to both sexes in various situations. The herb also tends to increase blood flow, and often joints suffer from a lack of adequate blood supply. By increasing the amount of nutrients to the joint structures through the use of tongkat ali, the body is better able to heal the torn cartilage, strained ligaments, or damaged joint capsules. Unfortunately, the research into tongkat ali has focused mainly on its ability to increase sexual function, and that focus has been primarily in men. The balancing of the sex hormones, especially in older age, can help to reverse some of the primary conditions that occur due to age: osteoporosis, heart disease, and loss of strength. More research needs to be conducted into the various benefits of tongkat ali for both sexes to find the extent to which it can help people with various conditions.   Tongkat Ali’s Effects on Arthritis Even though tongkat ali cannot affect the primary processes of arthritis, such as inflammation, it can help in other ways. First, it increases muscle mass and strength in both men and women. This allows it to support the joint that is suffering from arthritis and help the patient through the physical rehabilitation that comes with treating any form of arthritis. Second, it helps to increase blood flow to all tissues, not just reproductive ones, and this can aid the body in repairing the damage that arthritis has caused. Third, the herb is well known for increasing bone strength and density. With aging and the loss of sex hormones, osteoporosis can set in, weakening the bones that comprise the joints. When the sex hormones are regulated with a substance such as tongkat ali, the bone weakening of osteoporosis can be reversed. This means that the joint is more stable and able to support the weight of the body. Even if you need surgery to replace a joint, taking tongkat ali can be helpful because it will increase your ability to heal, allow for proper joining of the bones with the prosthetics, and give your muscles the much needed boost they need to recover from a very invasive surgery.

How Tongkat Ali Helps with Erectile Dysfunction

Tongkat Ali is a popular traditional remedy for sexual health, including improving the quality of the erection in men with erectile dysfunction. If you are frustrated with the current medical guidelines restricting testosterone supplementation or if you just want to try something all natural, tongkat ali may be the erectile dysfunction supplement for you. What is Tongkat Ali and how does it work? Tongkat ali increases testosterone The most important action of tongkat ali is that is increases free testosterone in men who have low levels. It performs this action in few different ways. First, it stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone, which in turn stimulates the release of testosterone from the Leydig cells of the testicles. By increasing the amount of this particular hormone, it causes a chain reaction that increases the overall amount of testosterone available for increasing vitality and libido. Second, the herb blocks the action of a specific chemical that blocks the sex hormones. This is known as SHBG, and blocking this chemical means that there is more unbound testosterone available for the body to use. This globulin is often part of the process of converting estrogen and binding with receptor sites on cells that are activated by testosterone. When SHBG is decreased, many effects occur, but the primary and important effect is that testosterone is free to create a sense of well-being, increase libido, and help with erections. Tongkat ali blocks estrogen One of the great benefits of tongkat ali is its ability to block estrogen. Both males and females have both sex hormones in their blood, but men, obviously, have more testosterone. However, as males age, the estrogen can become more pronounced to the point that it leads to the destruction of free testosterone. This is a huge problem and explains why older men sometimes have erectile dysfunction. Their testosterone is basically muscled out by the estrogen. In addition, estrogen can block the receptor sites on cells, and this means that the testosterone cannot make its actions felt. The great thing about tongkat ali is that it essentially decreases the overall action of estrogen in men. Not only does it increase testosterone, but it also decreases free estrogen. This means that there will be a net gain in testosterone above what the herb stimulates the body to excrete. It can also help to move the estrogen off the receptor sites for testosterone. With the overall increase in the male sex hormone and the increase in places for the hormone to act on the body, an increase in vitality, libido, and overall male sexual health are generally the result. Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Tongkat Ali’s Role Erectile dysfunction is a complex condition. For an erection to happen, many systems inside your body needs to coordinate perfectly, a failure in any of them can lead to an erection problem. Researchers have noted many different reasons for erectile dysfunction, and tongkat ali can help with a few of them. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are considering taking tongkat ali, you need to identify what is causing your problem first to understand if tongkat ali can help you. Here are a few common causes of erectile dysfunction: Heart disease and atherosclerosis An erection happens when the penis is filled with blood, therefore problems in the circulatory system can impede an erection. There are a few studies that show that normal levels of testosterone are optimal for cardiovascular function. Levels above or bellow the optimal range increases the risk of heart and vessels conditions like atherosclerosis. As men age, their testosterone levels also decrease, increasing the risk of cardiovascular conditions. By inducing the body to produce more testosterone naturally, tongkat ali can help you decrease the chance of having problems with the cardiovascular system, or even improve the situation of those who are already experiencing problems. Diabetes A high percentage of men with diabetes experience problem with their erection. The causes of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes are complex and involve impairments in nerve, blood vessel, and muscle function. Because many diabetic patients also suffer from heart complications, they are restricted in the use of common prescription medication to treat erectile dysfunction. If you are diabetic, tongkat ali might help your erection by increasing testosterone and therefore your cardiovascular function, but tongkat ali also can help you decrease the sugar level in blood. Because of the latter, you should be more cautious when using this supplement, here is another article on the subject: How Tongkat Ali Helps Diabetes Obesity Clinical studies has found a clear link between obesity and sexual dysfunction. Obesity by itself can carry a lot of health problems such as levated cholesterol levels, a higher risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, higher risk of diabetes and lower testosterone. All these complications that esteem from being obese can affect a man's erection. Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone levels, and this increase can help men lose weight, therefore lowering the risk of developing ED or improving the erection of those who are already experiencing problems due to their weight. We wrote an article about using tongkat ali to lose weight that you may want to read. Low testosterone (Andropause) Andropause is triggered by the reduction in testosterone due to aging. It is also known as late onset hypogonadism and androgen decline in the aging male. It can take place as early as 40, and 2 to 5 percent of men in this age group show signs. From 50 to 60 years of age, the numbers are more astonishing. It is estimated that between 8 and 40 percent of men in this age group have andropause. Since testosterone is a bodily hormone involved mainly in sexual function, numerous symptoms of andropause are sex related. Men with low testosterone levels could experience not only problems with their erection, but also lack of interest in sex. Andropause has other symptons like gaining weight, losing strength, low energy and general bad mood. However these symptons could easily come from stress and psychological factors therefore they are easily overlooked as being triggered by low testosterone in the aging men. When the decline in testosterone is severe, there are effective treatments to increase the testosterone levels such as testosterone replacement therapy. However these methods are accompanied by a multitude of unwanted side effects. If you are interested in increasing your testosterone levels naturally, tongkat ali has been shown to be among the most powerful natural testosterone booster. If you want more information you can't miss our article on Andropause and Tonkat Ali Prescription medications Certain prescription medications can cause ED as a side effect, some examples are: antidepressants antihistamines hypertension medicines medications for Parkinson’s disease This area would be too big and complex to cover exhaustively. Bottom line is tongkat ali may or may not help your erectile dysfunction depending on what medication it is. For example, anecdotal evidence suggest that many men can improve their sex lives despite taking antidepressants. However, in many other cases tongkat ali may not be able to help at all. The best solution here would be to talk to your doctor about alternatives to your current medication that has a lower chance of developing ED. In some cases you can find another drug to treat the same condition but with less impact on your erection. Psychological problems Erectile dysfunction can occur due to psychological causes such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression or low self-esteem. Tongkat ali has shown to have a positive impact on stress and mood in healthy individuals. Hence, it could potentially benefit individuals that may be experiencing erection problems due to these mental factors. However, if the psychological factor is strong and deeply routed tongkat ali may not have any effect at all, in those cases it would be best to consult an specialist to treat these problems.

Tongkat Ali and Osteoporosis

When people get older, they run a higher risk of developing fractures, particularly in the hips. This is not due to an increased risk for falls, which they have, but a change in the hormones that regulate far more than just sex drive. Estrogen and testosterone in particular are important to protecting bones from weakness and helping calcium levels stay high. The weakening of bones due to age is called osteoporosis, and although it is commonly associated with women, it can happen to men in alarming numbers. Traditional modern medicine usually counteracts this process with calcium supplements and bone sparing medications. However, for some who don’t want to take modern medicines, certain facets of traditional Chinese medicine can help to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. Although none of the herbs can help restore calcium to the bones, such as Actonel, supplements such as tongkat ali can balance hormones in the body that are responsible for leeching the calcium away. In fact, testosterone is vital in maintaining the health of bones throughout the lifespan, but many older adults of both sexes experience a decrease in this hormone. Usually associated with libido, tongkat ali can help to prevent this painful side effect of aging.   Actions of Tongkat Ali Tongkat ali is known for its effects on the male libido. By increasing the amount of free testosterone in the body, it helps to increase sexual desire, the frequency of erections, and the length of time an erection is viable. It has a similar action to other medications that increase testosterone, such as replacement therapy, but the effect is much less pronounced. With testosterone therapy, your lab results will elevate, but significant side effects can occur, such as the possibility of hormone related cancers like prostate cancer. With tongkat ali, the effect is more subtle. While it is true that the herb is not recommended for those with hormone related cancer, the risk of it seems to be less than with full replacement therapy. As a consequence, the increase in testosterone is less, but this may be beneficial for someone who doesn’t have a tremendous hormone deficit or for someone who merely wants to ward away osteoporosis.   Osteoporosis Explained Osteoporosis is caused by your body’s constant need to balance the electrolyte calcium. Calcium is need for many body functions and is not just used in bones and teeth. On the contrary, it is vital to the function of muscle, some heart functions, and other hormonal processes. Lack of calcium can lead to twitching and possibly death in extreme situations. However, calcium rarely gets this low because the bones are large reservoirs that the body can tap into whenever the calcium intake is too low. When you don’t take enough in your diet, the body simply breaks down bone material into its component parts and uses it for other body functions. The problem arises when the calcium is not replaced. The bones are rather like a credit card. If you continue to take out of the bones and don’t put anything back in, the whole substructure of the bone becomes weak. In fact, under magnification, the bones look like rigid sponges with large open spaces. Bones that are full of cavities cannot hold weight or endure stresses, and they break easily. The solution is usually to take more calcium throughout life, but sometimes the situation is already in progress. It doesn’t help that the decrease of sex hormones in older age further accelerate the leeching of calcium from the bones. This creates the perfect storm for a fracture.   Fighting Osteoporosis with Tongkat Ali The reason that tongkat ali can help in the fight against osteoporosis is because it is so effective in increasing testosterone levels in men and women. Testosterone affects bones in two ways. First, they can directly remodel bone by interacting with bone cells, osteoblasts and osteoclasts, to either access or replace calcium. The other way it helps is by inducing estrogen – a powerful bone remodeler – by a secondary reaction known as aromatization. When the decrease of the sex hormones occur with age, the remodeling is affected, and it usually results in increased risk for weak bones. Therefore, replacing the sex hormones will help to keep bones healthy and strong. Unfortunately, no studies are currently available in humans, although several studies support its role as potential treatment of androgen-deficient osteoporosis in rats. One review article has appeared in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal that supports the possibility for using it in humans. Published in 2012, it is essentially a call to action and the presentation of the theory that tongkat ali can help with osteoporosis. In the meantime, a great deal of anecdotal evidence does support the use of the herb in older persons with decreased sex hormones. More research is necessary, however, before this treatment is accepted and tongkat ali becomes more than an aphrodisiac.

Using Tongkat Ali to Lose Weight

Tongkat ali is a popular supplement in traditional Chinese medicine. This supplement can help with a number of maladies, but it’s most talked about and researched effect is how well it enhances male sexual performance. Everyone knows that testosterone is an important sex hormone, but many don’t realize how important. This body chemical cannot only increase sexual desire, it helps to increase erection strength and frequency. Tongkat ali’s claim to fame is its uncanny ability to increase testosterone levels and, therefore, increase sexual desire and performance. That isn’t all that the herb can do, and in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used for a staggering number of conditions. Besides male enhancement, tongkat ali is a well-known anti-malarial medication. It helps people with this condition recover more quickly. In addition, diabetics can take the supplement to lower their blood sugar, though it is not usually effective enough to be taken as the sole anti-diabetic solution. Unfortunately, not many studies in the west have focused on these beneficial effects of tongkat ali. Strong anecdotal evidence supports its usage, though, not only in male enhancement but as an adjunct to weight loss endeavors.   Weight Loss and Tongkat Ali You wouldn’t think that a supplement known for male enhancement would work to help weight loss, but scientific reasoning actually shows that this makes sense. The main action of tongkat ali doesn’t change: it increases testosterone. The increase in this hormone results in a decrease in the hormone prolactin. Prolactin can affect the body’s ability to hold on to weight or shed it. When it is not in such abundant supply, the patient loses weight. Prolactin can impact the neurotransmitter dopamine, and the more prolactin in the system, the less dopamine present. Dopamine is primarily a chemical that influences mood, energy, and motivation. In addition, norepinephrine is also affected, and this can decrease the appetite for food. Most of these findings are based on dosing patients with large amounts of testosterone, not particularly tongkat ali. However, since tongkat ali is so effective in increasing testosterone levels, the side effects of increased dopamine and decreased prolactin are likely to occur. In the case of the supplement, though, the affect may not be as strong, but anecdotal evidence strongly indicates that taking tongkat ali increases energy and decreases weight, particularly in women.   Using Tongkat Ali to Lose Weight It is important to make sure you take the tongkat ali correctly to achieve the best weight loss results. A fairly high dosage is needed for this effect. The recommended dosage is 1200 mg of the 1:200 extract every day. You can separate that dosage into several small doses throughout the day. Many supplements also come from disreputable sources, so you need to know the concentration of the extract in your supplement. You can use tongkat ali to lose weight by doing your homework, adding diet and exercise, and taking the best quality supplement available.

How Tongkat Ali Helps Diabetes

Tongkat ali is well known to medical research for its use in correcting erectile dysfunction, but it has been used for many different purposes in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In addition to treating malaria and fevers, this herb has some precedence as treatment for diabetes, as well. Although it is not a well-known usage of the herb, the action of tongkat ali on blood sugar is so profound that those who take diabetes medicines are urged to avoid the supplement. It lowers the blood sugar and may decrease glucose levels dangerously. With diabetes approaching an epidemic standard in the world, it helps to know that you can turn to natural products to treat this common condition. Of course, you should not take this medication without a complete work up from your doctor. In some cases, the tongkat ali may not be effective enough to lower very high blood sugars. For severe diabetes, you are probably better off taking the prescriptions your doctor orders, but if you are a borderline diabetic or want to try something new with your doctor’s blessing, tongkat ali is a viable alternative to the synthetic medications available.   What is Diabetes? Diabetes is essentially an alteration of the blood sugar levels. All cells need food, and blood sugar represents the food that feeds all cells. When the amount of sugar in the blood is too low, loss of consciousness and seizures can occur. When the amount is too high, most people simply do not know about it. Unfortunately, blood sugar acts like a corrosive agent in the body, destroying nerves and small blood vessels in the kidneys, eyes, and extremities. Even a small spike in blood sugar that is maintained over a period of time can lead to some of the corrosive effects seen in high blood sugar situations. Diabetes mellitus comes in two flavors. One is type I or juvenile diabetes. This describes an inherent problem with the insulin-producing pancreas. The pancreas does not produce insulin in this case, and therefore, the cells are unable to consume the blood sugar. Insulin is like a key in a lock, opening the cell to the energy of glucose. Type II diabetes usually occurs later in life and is a result of insulin resistance. When the blood sugar is slightly high for a long time, the cells become immune to the actions of insulin. Since the hormone no longer works, the cells starve and the blood sugar rises, corroding important body systems. Tongkat ali can help in situations of insulin resistance and mild type II diabetes mellitus.   What is Tongkat Ali? Tongkat ali is an herb that is found in southeastern Asia, and it has been called the herb of a hundred healing properties. Its main action on the body is increasing testosterone, and various scientific studies have shown that it can increase this hormone in subjects. For this reason, it is a well-known aphrodisiac. Not only does it result in better erections for men, but it also increases their sexual desire. Other medications, such as Viagra, simply increase blood flow to the penis, and do not impact the desire for sex. In addition, some weight lifters use the herb to assist in the building of lean muscle mass. It has many other uses, as well, but one that is particularly well studied is the ability to decrease stress. In fact, it helps to decrease hormones related to stress and assists in recovery time. This may help diabetics who experience fatigue as part of their condition. In addition to decreasing blood sugar, it can increase both mental and physical performance. For diabetics with less severe symptoms, this boost in energy can make the difference in fatigue, mood, and motivation.   How Tongkat Ali Helps Diabetes Unfortunately, the research into tongkat ali and diabetes hasn’t been extensively conducted. While multiple studies have focused on the herb’s abilities in the erectile dysfunction area, not many have investigated its properties in treating diabetes. However, a great deal of anecdotal evidence that it lowers blood sugar is available, and practitioners in southeast Asia have used it for centuries for just this purpose. It is hoped that medical research will investigate this usage of the medication in the years to come, but you can still use it in the meantime with the understanding that it may or may not work for you. One study was conducted into traditional Chinese herbs and diabetes, and it was published in 2003 in the Medical Journal of Malaysia. Most of the participants in the study used tongkat ali in addition to traditionally prescribed medications to control their diabetes. Over half of them found that the herb helped with keeping blood sugar low and reducing the amount of synthetic medications they needed to take. Most practitioners recommend tongkat ali as a complement to traditional treatment. Simply using the herb to treat diabetes is not recommended, but using it in conjunction with mainstream treatments can mean better control of blood sugar and a decrease in the dosage of diabetes medications. If you are diabetic, you should check with your doctor before taking this herb. It may work too well and lower your blood sugar to a dangerous level. With open communication between you and your doctor, tongkat ali can be a powerful adjunct in getting your diabetes under control.   References Medical Journal of Malaysia; Use of Complementary Medicine Amongst Diabetic Patients in a Public Primary Care Clinic in Ipoh; R Remli, MBChB and S C Chan, FRACGP; April 2003

Tongkat Ali products cost comparison

Tongkat ali product pricing in Singapore vary greatly. However, you may not know that in order to compare prices you you need to collect some information about each product like dosage, concentration, extra ingredients, etc. In the table below you can find a product price comparison for common tongkat ali products found in watson, guardian, etc. This is not an exhaustive review, these are the most common ones. To standardize comparison, I calculated how much do you pay per gram of Tongkat Ali root. The calculation is: price / (capsules * mg/capsule * strength / 1,000) From left to right, they are sorted from the cheapest to the most expensive Tongkat Ali.

Best tongkat ali you can buy: tongkat ali coffee, powder extract, capsules or raw?

  Previously I wrote about what you must know before buying tongkat ali, this information is really important since there has been a lot of controversy about fake products. However, meeting a high standard of quality and purity is only part of what makes tongkat ali effective. In addition, you should pay special attention to what kind of tongkat ali product to buy and the quantity of tongkat ali you are taking in every dose. There are a few tongkat ali products like coffee, extracts, pills and chips from raw root, let's take a better look at which ones are more effective. Raw tongkat ali In some stores, specially those selling traditional medicine , you may find tongkat ali sold in chips. This is how tongkat ali has been used for centuries to increase libido and sexual health in men (and women too). 3-5 grams of chips are soaked in water for a minimum of 3 hours (12 hours is recommended). Then the soaked chips and water is slow boiled for another 20-30 minutes. The resulting "tea" is used as a health tonic. While this is the oldest method, it may not be the most effective or convenient. First of all, making the preparation takes time, and you would need about 4 cups a day for several weeks to notice the effects. Perhaps for many people the most difficult part would be to cope with the extremely bitter taste that tongkat ali is known for.   Tongkat ali coffee Tongkat ali coffee is popular in Malaysia and they loe the falour, the sexual boosting benefits may be a nice addon. The problem with most commercial preparations is that they rarely (if ever) specify the quantity of tongkat ali per dose. My assumption here is that is very low (just enough to give the coffee that special taste) and just like with tongkat ali tea made from chips, you would probably need several cups a day for the sexual benefits. If you actually drank that much, you may notice increased stamina and restless, though this is likely to be the effect of the coffee instead.   Tongkat ali extract (soluble powder) Sometimes you can find tongkat ali powder as a soluble extract that you mix with water. There are not many companies that sells tongkat ali this way, and they usually provide the same powder in capsules (described below). Having tongkat ali in powder extract form is more convenient because it will save you the preparation time as compared to traditional tea. However, the bitter taste remains, making it almost impossible for some men to deal with. These powders are usually a cheaper alternative to capsules, however I highly recommend to pay a bit extra to spare you the taste.   Tongkat ali capsules This is probably the most common way of taking tongkat ali nowadays. Not only is convenient, but also a big relief for those of us that can't stand the strong bitter taste. Moreover, some extract preparations are concentrated, making it more efficacious at lower dosages. I must say, however, that most tongkat ali extracts in the market are not concentrated (and often mixed), which I personally do not recommend (see article on The truth about tongkat ali products). If you want to get the best result possible, look for tongkat ali capsules that are concentrated. This is shown as 1:x, where x is the number of grams of tongkat ali root used to make 1 gram of tongkat ali extract. In other words, 1:50 means 50 g of tongkat ali used, or 1:200 is 200 g of tongkat ali used. Tongkat ali 1:200 is the most concentrated available, and definitely the best choice. If you are interested in the best choice, I would highly recommend tongkat ali 1:200 from herboab.

The truth about tongkat ali products sold in Singapore’s pharmacies: Guardian, GNC, Watsons

  Tongkat ali is a popular male enhancer in South East Asia. In Singapore it is also very well known, however many of the products you can find off the shelves mix tongkat ali with other herbs, and/or the quantity of tongkat ali may be too low to be even effective. Just because you bought it in Guardian, GNC or Watson's doesn't mean that it will work well. Next time you find yourself in one of these pharmacies, keep the following points in mind: Beware of possible scams You may remember a product named "XP Tonkat Ali Supreme", which HSA banned and made public in this press release. This product contained tadalafil as the main active ingredient and marketed as tongkat ali. Today you can shop another product by the same company "XP Tonkat Ali Xtreme". This matter was already covered by Serge Kreuz in Why Singapore is dangerous for tongkat ali, and I couldn't agree more with it. Even if you have the guts to buy the "new version", you are paying quite a high price point fot it. We will discussing that in "how much tongkat ali?". Avoid the "all-in-one" formula More often than not herbal male enhancement supplements contains a mix of different ingredients. Although these ingredients may have more or less evidence to support their male enhancement effect, the truth is that most of the well-known natural products just don't have enough evidence. Tongkat ali is one of the rare ones that has been well studied and its effect has been proven so it's better to stick to it rather than taking it with other herbs that may not work at all. How much tongkat ali? Tongkat ali is taken as extract. Normally, the extract is not concentrated. There are however some tongkat ali extracts that are concentrated 1:50 or 1:200, meaning, 50g or 200g of tongkat ali root was used to make 1g of final product, respectively. I have never seen concentrated tongkat ali extract in any pharmacy in Singapore. All the brands I have seen carry anything from 20mg to 200mg of tongkat ali per capsule (and often with many other herbs). Out of all the products I examined, the one with most tongkat ali in it was the infamous "XP Tonkat Ali Xtreme" with 500mg of extract per capsule. Now, you pay S$40 for 5 grams of tongkat ali extract (10 capsules of 500mg). If you were to compare this with herbolab's 1:200 tongkat ali, you would have paid S$99 for 30 grams of tongkat ali extract concentrated 200 times (100 capsules of 300mg), which equals 6000 g (6kg) of tongkat ali. In other words, for a bit more than double the price you get 1200 times more tongkat ali extract... and without the risk of undeclared substances included.

Buying tongkat ali in Singapore

  Tongkat ali is very well known in Singapore. However, under Singapore law tongkat ali dealers do not require premarketing approval to sell tongkat ali, making Singapore a paradise for counterfeit products claiming to be tongkat ali. So if you are looking for tongkat ali in Singapore, here are a few rules you must always follow: Rule #1: Always check where it is manufactured Tongkat ali tree grows in Malaysia and Indonesia, however in Malaysia is a protected tree and cannot be used to manufacture tongkat ali extract. Furthermore, it has been shown that Malaysian tongkat ali may contain higher amount of lead and heavy metals that can be dangerous for your health. Therefore the rule is: always ask the seller where do they manufacture their tongkat ali and make sure it is manufactured in Indonesia. To date, Sumatra Pasak Bumi is the only trustworthy Indonesian manufacturer I know. Rule #2: Always check the concentration There are a few male enhancement supplements in Watson's, Guardian or Traditional Chinese Medicine stores that are based on tongkat ali. Many of these supplements use tongkat ali extraction without concentrating the extract. If you want to know how much active ingredient you are taking, you must multiply the concentration by the weight. Concentrations are usually expressed as 1:X, where X is the amount of grams of tongkat ali root used to make 1 gram of final product. Usually, these supplements you find on the shelves are 1:1 or 1:5 at best, the quantity of active ingredient is very low. Always use concentrations higher than 1:50, the best is 1:200, which is also is the highest available. To give you an example, if you buy a bottle of 100 capsules of 300 mg concentration 1:5, in total you have 100 x 0.3 x 5 = 150 g of tongkat ali root. If you buy 100 capsules of 300 mg 1:200 concentration, you would have 100 x 0.3 x 200 = 6000 g (6 kg) of root. So don't be fooled by number of capsules, check concentration first. Rule #3: Always check what is in your capsule You don't want your tongkat ali to be mixed with anything else. If the seller claims to be working within hours, you can be assured that they have added some prescription medication to it. Tongkat ali effects are progressive and it takes days to manifest. If necessary, request for a screening report from the Singapore Health Authority (HSA), tongkat ali sellers are required to submit their product for screening of common poisons and medications. Do not buy their tongkat ali unless they can probe it is safe to use and doesn't contain any "addons". Where can you buy tongkat ali in Singapore? If you are looking for a safe and reliable seller use You can find tongkat ali in some stores, but these products will most likely not comply with the above rules. You may also find Singapore-based sellers of tongkat ali powder from Sumatra Pasak Bumi in Ebay or Amazon, but tongkat ali is extremely bitter and mixing it with liquid will be difficult to swallow no matter how much sugar you add to it. It is worthwhile to pay a bit more to save you that pain.

What You Must Know Before Purchasing Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is an herb that is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as the bordering region. It is nowadays not manufactured by big pharmaceutical enterprises, so it is less prone of being managed and verified to provide a good quality dietary supplement. Certainly, tongkat ali has been the subject of scam nutritional supplement and governmental policies, specifically coming from the FDA. There are a few factors one should think about prior to shopping tongkat ali. To start with, one should understand that the pureness and quality of the product can differ greatly. It benefits to determine exactly what to watch out for when shopping for this particular product to guarantee that one get a health supplement that is going to function as explained. Next, lots of traditional Chinese remedies have an issue with heavy metals, like mercury and lead. Having an excessive amount of those metals in the product can trigger unexpected negative effects and ailments. If you are serious in utilizing tongkat ali for the therapy of andropause, it is beneficial to learn precisely what you are buying to make the very best decision available. Pureness and Quality Quality and pureness are 2 concerns that are tough to know through the web. One have to identify a provider who ensures that the active component in the dietary supplement is in fact tongkat ali. One will likewise wish to make sure that you obtain an excellent quality concentrate of the product. As an example, the younger variation of the herb does not possess a similar quantity of active components as a more mature herb. Because of this, it is necessary to buy a product that ensures that the herb contends the minimum of 10 years old. Only then can one be actually ensured that you will get the quality effect from consuming the product. To obtain the very best quality, you should search for plants that have actually been cultivated and matured in Indonesia. The plants that originate from Malaysia are often higher in heavy metals, and this may be troublesome when taking as a health supplement. One approach to determine the relative quality of the tongkat ali is to carry out a taste evaluation. In reality, in Malaysia, people possess a monitor to assist find out if the product is legitimate and unadulterated. One could test the powder from the capsule and evaluate how bitter it is. It is extremely bitter when it is pure. If the formula you are testing is not bitter enough to give you pause, you most likely have a bogus or a less pure substance on your hands. Heavy Metals A number of extracts of tongkat ali have high quantities of heavy metals that could be dangerous for your health. Both lead and also mercury have indeed been discovered in elevated concentrations in a few preparations of this nutritional supplement. Mercury has for a long time been a concern in dietary supplement coming from the Far East, so one ought to be very cautious of this issue when buying tongkat ali cultivated in this location. A few indicators of mercury accumulation include things like peripheral neuropathy, losing of skin, and a pink blemish to the skin. If you utilize the tongkat ali with this heavy metal included, you might start to see these signs taking place gradually in time. For extreme cases, you could have to visit a doctor, however normally the issue is fixed with termination of the product. Lead is an additional typical concern in products from China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and it has actually been discovered in numerous various other supplementation other than tongkat ali. You should guarantee that the seller you buy the supplement from promises that absolutely no heavy metals exist. Do not get a supplement from a dishonest supplier or the cheapest in the market due to the fact that you could result in inducing yourself harm. Some signs of lead accumulation consist of sleep problems, hallucinations, trembling, and mental confusion. Nevertheless, lead accumulation typically is subtle, and often you may have high quantities with no signs. Consequently, it is essential to search for a product that is confirmed without heavy metals. Scam Products and National Bans Lots of false items are likewise offered on the web, and the purchaser needs to be acutely familiar with this concern. Some sex drive enhancing product that declare they are tongkat ali are really unlawful copies of Viagra or pharmaceutical medicines that have been shown hazardous for human use. Among the very best methods to know if you have a phony item is the sample evaluation, however it aids to be familiar with the situation long prior to purchasing the product. You must firmly insist upon confirmation of the product's identification. Though you can seldom be as confident about a nutritional supplement as a pharmaceutical medicine, you typically do get the quality that you pay for. Because there are a lot of concerns with the marketing of tongkat ali, lots of government bodies have actually prohibited sale of the product in their regions. The FDA has actually prohibited over 30 products that have indeed declared tongkat ali as a supplement. Numerous of these were discovered to be scam or consisted of substantial quantities of heavy metals. Regrettably, a few of these business simply replaced their trade names and continued to offer the item unabated. It takes the FDA a much longer time to close down the business and product that emerge, and this is how they have actually had the ability to side step the bans. Similar to any medicine, supplement, vitamin, or natural herb, the purchaser has to be careful and take steps to make sure the item is harmless. Links

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