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fake tongkat ali products

Scam Warning: Beware of Cheap Tongkat Ali

| Tongkat Ali | 2 Comments
When it comes to cheap products nothing beats China, but is it price all that really matters? I don't think the price is the most important factor when we are…
tongkat ali plant

How Tongkat Ali Can Help With Arthritis

| Arthritis, Tongkat Ali | One Comment
Tongkat ali is an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Most of the popularity of this supplement revolves around its use as an aphrodisiac, but…
tongkat ali for erectile dysfunction

How Tongkat Ali Helps With Erectile Dysfunction

| Andropause, Libido, Tongkat Ali | 3 Comments
Tongkat Ali is a popular traditional remedy for sexual health, including improving the quality of the erection in men with erectile dysfunction. If you are frustrated with the current medical…
tongkat ali for osteoporosis

Tongkat Ali and Osteoporosis

| Tongkat Ali | No Comments
When people get older, they run a higher risk of developing fractures, particularly in the hips. This is not due to an increased risk for falls, which they have, but…
tongkat ali for weight loss

Using Tongkat Ali to Lose Weight

| Tongkat Ali | 2 Comments
Tongkat ali is a popular supplement in traditional Chinese medicine. This supplement can help with a number of maladies, but it’s most talked about and researched effect is how well…
Tongkat ali for diabetes

How Tongkat Ali Helps Diabetes

| Tongkat Ali | 4 Comments
Tongkat ali is well known to medical research for its use in correcting erectile dysfunction, but it has been used for many different purposes in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.…

Tongkat Ali Products Cost Comparison

| Tongkat Ali | One Comment
Tongkat ali product pricing in Singapore vary greatly. However, you may not know that in order to compare prices you you need to collect some information about each product like…

Best Tongkat Ali You Can Buy: Tongkat Ali Coffee, Powder Extract, Capsules or Raw?

| Tongkat Ali | 4 Comments
  Previously I wrote about what you must know before buying tongkat ali, this information is really important since there has been a lot of controversy about fake products. However,…

The Truth About Tongkat Ali Products Sold In Singapore’s Pharmacies: Guardian, GNC, Watsons

| Tongkat Ali | No Comments
  Tongkat ali is a popular male enhancer in South East Asia. In Singapore it is also very well known, however many of the products you can find off the…

Buying Tongkat Ali In Singapore

| Tongkat Ali | 16 Comments
  Tongkat ali is very well known in Singapore. However, under Singapore law tongkat ali dealers do not require premarketing approval to sell tongkat ali, making Singapore a paradise for…