Best Tongkat Ali You Can Buy: Tongkat Ali Coffee, Powder Extract, Capsules or Raw?

By July 24, 2013 August 8th, 2018 Tongkat Ali


Previously I wrote about what you must know before buying tongkat ali, this information is really important since there has been a lot of controversy about fake products.

However, meeting a high standard of quality and purity is only part of what makes tongkat ali effective. In addition, you should pay special attention to what kind of tongkat ali product to buy and the quantity of tongkat ali you are taking in every dose. There are a few tongkat ali products like coffee, extracts, pills, and chips from the raw root, let’s take a better look at which ones are more effective.

Raw Tongkat Ali

In some stores, specially those selling traditional medicine , you may find tongkat ali sold in chips. This is how tongkat ali has been used for centuries to increase libido and sexual health in men (and women too). 3-5 grams of chips are soaked in water for a minimum of 3 hours (12 hours is recommended). Then the soaked chips and water is slow boiled for another 20-30 minutes. The resulting “tea” is used as a health tonic.

tongkat ali plantWhile this is the oldest method, it may not be the most effective or convenient. First of all, making the preparation takes time, and you would need about 4 cups a day for several weeks to notice the effects. Perhaps for many people, the most difficult part would be to cope with the extremely bitter taste that tongkat ali is known for.


Tongkat Ali Coffee

Tongkat ali coffee is popular in Malaysia and they loe the falour, the sexual boosting benefits may be a nice addon. The problem with most commercial preparations is that they rarely (if ever) specify the quantity of tongkat ali per dose. My assumption here is that is very low (just enough to give the coffee that special taste) and just like with tongkat ali tea made from chips, you would probably need several cups a day for the sexual benefits. If you actually drank that much, you may notice increased stamina and restless, though this is likely to be the effect of the coffee instead.


Tongkat Ali Extract (Soluble Powder)

Sometimes you can find tongkat ali powder as a soluble extract that you mix with water. There are not many companies that sell tongkat ali this way, and they usually provide the same powder in capsules (described below). Having tongkat ali in powder extract form is more convenient because it will save you the preparation time as compared to traditional tea. However, the bitter taste remains, making it almost impossible for some men to deal with. These powders are usually a cheaper alternative to capsules, however I highly recommend to pay a bit extra to spare you the taste.


Tongkat Ali Capsules

This is probably the most common way of taking tongkat ali nowadays. Not only is convenient, but also a big relief for those of us that can’t stand the strong bitter taste. Moreover, some extract preparations are concentrated, making it more efficacious at lower dosages. I must say, however, that most tongkat ali extracts in the market are not concentrated (and often mixed), which I personally do not recommend (see an article on The truth about tongkat ali products).

tongkat ali capsuleIf you want to get the best result possible, look for tongkat ali capsules that are concentrated. This is shown as 1:x, where x is the number of grams of tongkat ali root used to make 1 gram of tongkat ali extract. In other words, 1:50 means 50 g of tongkat ali used, or 1:200 is 200 g of tongkat ali used. Tongkat ali 1:200 is the most concentrated available, and definitely the best choice. If you are interested in the best choice, I would highly recommend tongkat ali 1:200 from herboab.


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