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Tongkat ali is very well known in Singapore. However, under Singapore law tongkat ali dealers do not require premarketing approval to sell tongkat ali, making Singapore a paradise for counterfeit products claiming to be tongkat ali. So if you are looking for tongkat ali in Singapore, here are a few rules you must always follow:

Rule #1: Always Check Where It Is Manufactured

Tongkat ali tree grows in Malaysia and Indonesia, however in Malaysia is a protected tree and cannot be used to manufacture tongkat ali extract.

tongkat ali extract

Furthermore, it has been shown that Malaysian tongkat ali may contain higher amount of lead and heavy metals that can be dangerous for your health. Therefore the rule is: always ask the seller where do they manufacture their tongkat ali and make sure it is manufactured in Indonesia.

Rule #2: Always Check The Concentration

There are a few male enhancement supplements in Watson’s, Guardian or Traditional Chinese Medicine stores that are based on tongkat ali. Many of these supplements use tongkat ali extraction without concentrating the extract. If you want to know how much active ingredient you are taking, you must multiply the concentration by the weight. Concentrations are usually expressed as 1:X, where X is the amount of grams of tongkat ali root used to make 1 gram of final product. Usually, these supplements you find on the shelves are 1:1 or 1:5 at best, the quantity of active ingredient is very low.

Always use concentrations higher than 1:50, the best is 1:200, which is also is the highest available.

To give you an example, if you buy a bottle of 100 capsules of 300 mg concentration 1:5, in total you have 100 x 0.3 x 5 = 150 g of tongkat ali root. If you buy 100 capsules of 300 mg 1:200 concentration, you would have 100 x 0.3 x 200 = 6000 g (6 kg) of root. So don’t be fooled by number of capsules, check concentration first.

Rule #3: Always Check What Is In Your Capsule

You don’t want your tongkat ali to be mixed with anything else. If the seller claims to be working within hours, you can be assured that they have added some prescription medication to it. Tongkat ali effects are progressive and it takes days to manifest.

Tongkat ali extract

If necessary, request for a screening report from the Singapore Health Authority (HSA), tongkat ali sellers are required to submit their product for screening of common poisons and medications. Do not buy their tongkat ali unless they can prove it is safe to use and doesn’t contain any “add-ons”.

Where Can You Buy Tongkat Ali In Singapore?

If you are looking for a safe and reliable seller use You can find tongkat ali in some stores, but these products will most likely not comply with the above rules. You may also find Singapore-based sellers of tongkat ali powder in Ebay or Amazon, but tongkat ali is extremely bitter and mixing it with liquid will be difficult to swallow no matter how much sugar you add to it. It is worthwhile to pay a bit more to save you that pain.


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