Tongkat ali is a popular supplement in traditional Chinese medicine. This supplement can help with a number of maladies, but it’s most talked about and researched effect is how well it enhances male sexual performance. Everyone knows that testosterone is an important sex hormone, but many don’t realize how important. This body chemical cannot only increase sexual desire, it helps to increase erection strength and frequency. Tongkat ali’s claim to fame is its uncanny ability to increase testosterone levels and, therefore, increase sexual desire and performance. That isn’t all that the herb can do, and in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used for a staggering number of conditions.

Besides male enhancement, tongkat ali is a well-known anti-malarial medication. It helps people with this condition recover more quickly. In addition, diabetics can take the supplement to lower their blood sugar, though it is not usually effective enough to be taken as the sole anti-diabetic solution. Unfortunately, not many studies in the west have focused on these beneficial effects of tongkat ali. Strong anecdotal evidence supports its usage, though, not only in male enhancement but as an adjunct to weight loss endeavors.


Weight Loss and Tongkat Ali

You wouldn’t think that a supplement known for male enhancement would work to help weight loss, but scientific reasoning actually shows that this makes sense. The main action of tongkat ali doesn’t change: it increases testosterone. The increase in this hormone results in a decrease in the hormone prolactin. Prolactin can affect the body’s ability to hold on to weight or shed it. When it is not in such abundant supply, the patient loses weight. Prolactin can impact the neurotransmitter dopamine, and the more prolactin in the system, the less dopamine present.

tongkat ali for weight loss

Dopamine is primarily a chemical that influences mood, energy, and motivation. In addition, norepinephrine is also affected, and this can decrease the appetite for food. Most of these findings are based on dosing patients with large amounts of testosterone, not particularly tongkat ali. However, since tongkat ali is so effective in increasing testosterone levels, the side effects of increased dopamine and decreased prolactin are likely to occur. In the case of the supplement, though, the affect may not be as strong, but anecdotal evidence strongly indicates that taking tongkat ali increases energy and decreases weight, particularly in women.


Using Tongkat Ali to Lose Weight

It is important to make sure you take the tongkat ali correctly to achieve the best weight loss results. A fairly high dosage is needed for this effect. The recommended dosage is 1200 mg of the 1:200 extract every day. You can separate that dosage into several small doses throughout the day. Many supplements also come from disreputable sources, so you need to know the concentration of the extract in your supplement. You can use tongkat ali to lose weight by doing your homework, adding diet and exercise, and taking the best quality supplement available.


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